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Worcester Bosch Wave Thermostat

Working with a wide range of the Worcester Bosch highly efficient Greenstar gas-fired boiler range the Wave combines a room thermostat and programmable control in one sleek black glass unit. Intuitive and easy to use, the Wave can show you at-a-glance the current temperature of your home, your desired settings and whether the heating is running at its most efficient. Depending on your needs the Wave can fill the role of a state-of-the-art programmable control but, through a free clever App on your smart device, it gives you so many more useful easy to use options and puts you in control of your comfort whether you are home or away. For instance, there is no need to arrive home to a cold house as you can switch your heating or hot water on remotely using the app on your smart device via an internet connection. Unlike many other models on the market, the Wave takes into account the current room temperature and only fires the boiler at the necessary level –to maintain your desired comfort temperature; making for a much more efficient system.

Advanced features come as standard:
A Weather Compensating Feature can be activated and will use your postcode to determine local weather conditions to make sure your home stays at a comfort level automatically in line with the temperature outside, without the need for external sensors.

The Smartphone Presence Detection feature senses when your phone is in the house and will switch the heating on only when you are home and even switch it off 20 minutes after you have gone out – so no more leaving the heating on unnecessarily!

Monitor your energy usage:
The amount of energy you use on heating and hot water can often be an unknown figure, so helping you to monitor this with ease the App can track your fuel usage on a month by month basis, showing clearly any peaks and allowing you to change heating habits accordingly to cut wasted energy. If you turn the temperature down below your pre-set temperatures, a leaf indicator also shows you at-a-glance when you are running your system even more effectively.

Is my data secure?
Importantly, all of this information is stored only on the Wave and not on any external servers, keeping your data private and secure. Should you loose internet connection at any point, the Wave will still operate as an intelligent room thermostat without it too.

The Wave smart controller is simple to fit by an approved installer like us here at Aqua Shield and it doesn’t need an extra hub into your router or any mains voltage wiring as it is powered by low voltage wires which we will connect directly to your Worcester boiler. All updates to the App are automatic and free-of-charge to make sure you always have the latest version.

For more information or to book an installation call us today on Hul 01482 820748.

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Worcester Bosch Wave Thermostat


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